Seeking Volunteers!!!

Awaji Art Circus 2019 is Seeking Volunteers!!!

Awaji Art Circus 2019 is seeking volunteers who can help us with the Festival!

Volunteer with us and enjoy global art performance whilst engaging in event planning, operation and PR as well as playing a bridging role between international artists and visitors at performance venues!
Don’t miss this opportunity!

Let's create a consolidated team together filled with responsibility, proactiveness, creativity, and a strong mind! We want as many of you as we can to volunteer and boost Awaji Art Circus together!
Participating in Awaji Art Circus 2019 will surely help you grow!

Apply if you…

  • ・want to engage with foreigners
  • ・are interested in cultural exchange
  • ・want to practice English and other foreign language
  • ・are interested in event operation
  • ・like communication with visitors
  • ・like festivals
  • ・are interested in revitalization of Awaji Island
  • ・want to gain new skills
  • ・want to see artists back stage and co-create Awaji Art Circus
  • etc...Anyone can apply!

Eligible applicants

high school student and above

Activity period

April ~ October 2019
(Festival period: September 28 ~ October 27, 2019)
April ~ September     event preparation support
September ~ October    event operation support
Time is negotiable.
※Volunteer from just one day!
※transportation costs are provided (there is upper limit, please contact us)
 Not applicable if you are coming from overseas.
※If you can support us as a volunteer for several days in a row, meals (breakfast and dinner) and accommodation will be provided.
(Please contact us for more details.)


  • ・PR activities in the region such as handing out flyers
  • ・sending out flyers
  • ・performance venue operation
  • ・artist support
  • ・PR event operation support
  • etc.

What will you gain:

  • * Invaluable experience of organization work
  • * Lots of new local and foreign friends
  • * Many new impressions and discoveries
  • * An opportunity to see the performances of foreign artists
  • * An opportunity to participate in different kind of workshops

Participation benefits

  • ・special participation in social event with global artists
  • ・Awaji Art Circus official goods gift (T-shirt, badge, sticker etc.)
  • ・special participation in Awaji Island tour and cultural experience with global artists

Activity location

Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture

How to apply

To apply, please fill in the Google Form below.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


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