Awaji Art Circus Artists 2018

This year we received 444 applications (777 people) from 77 countries.
And only 8 groups (17 people) from 7 countries were selected to participate in Art Circus this year!

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Interesting for Children
  • Cheese on Fire


    Contemporary circus, acrobatics, magic

    Frenchie Circus

    They met each other 8 years ago in south of France. Those good friends traveled around the world to learn, to share, and to show their talent. They are now here in Awaji, ready with their new show, with more acrobatics, more magic and first of all more craziness, to share their universe with anyone who wants to have fun. Be ready, it will be crazy!

  • Nicolas Provot


    Contemporary circus, acrobatics

    Originally from France

    Nicolas is a circus performer, specialist of acrobatic ladder. He likes to mix his acrobatics skills with other kind of art, like dance and dramatic art. He loves to work with new people, to make new projects and he is always looking for a new style to become an accomplished performer.

  • Soul Illusion



    Circus, quick change show

    Quick Change

    Soul Illusion is a fun and modern quick change act ready to challenge your perception of magic. From established international backgrounds in dance and acrobatic basketball, Hannah and Geri invite you to join them on their unique and magical journey of love, life and happiness... Combining beautiful, colourful, Swarovski-clad costumes with energetic music, original concept, dance, comedy, sport and acrobatics, Soul Illusion is a debut sure to wow audiences of all ages and nationalities!

  • Dance Club Positive


    Acrobatic rock`n`roll dance

    Crazy dancers

    A trio of dancers from Moscow is inviting you to energetic world of Acrobatic Rock'n'roll. Incendiary dance, unusual acrobatics, spectacular rotations! And all this in a crazy rhythm! Modern sports rock'n'roll is not the dance that was invented 60 years ago - there are no wide jackets, ties and high hairstyles. But the most important thing remains! This dance is the embodiment of positive, youth and freedom! Feel it together with us!

  • Aikyo


    Ethnic music

    Sounds of Harmony

    Aikyo was born in Granada, Spain, an historic and multicultural place where a lot of artist comes and goes flowing continuously. The combination of the magical instrument invented in 2000 and called Handpan within the powerful and sweet cadence of the Cello strings becomes a high harmonic ambience which projects peace and warm to the listeners.
    Ruben from Murcia, Maria from Galicia and Joan from Catalunya, all from opposite corners of Spain, executes the compositions matching love and resonance in once.
    Close your eyes to feel the melody, or open them to get hypnotized with their hand movements, just let yourself fly inner and outer.

  • Barbarossa Samba Group


    Drum show, samba percussion

    Energy, vibration, sound!

    Traditional Brazilian samba, performed by the Romanian band Barbarossa Samba Group will rise the streets with good vibes, live music and dancing. Four members of the band will bring this energy to all the people in Awaji, to enjoy and be part of it.

  • GALiRò


    One Man Orchestra

    One Man Orchestra

    Lorenzo Gianmario Galli (also called GALiRò) is an ital-international eccentric One-Man-Band. Funny, Entertaining, Whimsical, Spirited, Cool, Eccentric, Unchained, Full of colours, Charming, Particular, Spreading life all around, Irreverent, Original... these are just some of the words that people used to describe his show that has been performed in 25 country worldwide, in the last 5 years.

  • Marv Radio


    Beatbox performance

    Mind blowing beatbox master

    Marv Radio is a UK beatbox champion and a one man musical mouthbox. Using beatboxing, rap, live looping and singing, he created unique and powerful rhythms to mesmerise audiences with his magical mouth. You won't believe what he can do with his voice. With the ability to make music of any style, including full songs up on the spot, improvise from audience suggestions and get anyone dancing to his vocal beats, Marv Radio is a one of a kind, portable one man party machine. Expect the unexpected. Expect to be blown away!


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