Awaji Art Circus is an art trip to enrich your mind with grand nature and performance that you can only experience on Awaji Island.

Smile as you see performance by unusual foreign artists whilst taking a drive
and enjoying beautiful environment of Awaji Island with crystal-clear sea and clear blue sky.
This is an unique opportunity to observe live performance of global artists
rarely seen in Japan: dancers, acrobats, jugglers and other circus performers.
We guarantee you will be moved by their performance!

Not only do you watch breathtaking performance but also experience dance and circus skills!
On top of that, trying famous Awajishima burgers and enjoying hot spring
while watching colorful sunset by Seto Inland Sea...
no doubt will be your unforgettable art trip!

9/28/2019 (Sat) - 10/27/2019 (Sun) 12:00-14:00
9/21 (Sat) - 9/23 (Mon, Hol) Tohoku Art Circus (all details HERE)
9/28 (Sat) Opening Ceremony at Mori no Terrace (inside Awajishima Park Nijigen no Mori)
10/27 (Sun) Closing Ceremony

*For more info, please go to SCHEDULE.
Various venues on Awaji Island (Japan)

Main venues:
Mori no Terrace (inside Awajishima Park Nijigen no Mori) (Awaji City)
Awaji Yumebutai (Awaji City)
Sumoto Citizen Park (Sumoto City)
Minacoicoiya (Minamiawaji City)

Special events venues:
Awajishima Park (Venue for Special Event "Art Trip in the Woods")
Challenge Shop Market CAP

*For more info, please go to LOCATIONS.
Fee: admission is free (one of the venues requires entrance fee)
12 groups (22 people) from 12 countries (Austria, Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, Kenya, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA) will perform various artistic expressions such as balloon show, contemporary circus and theatre, acrobatics, diabolo, taxi horns performance, rhythmic gymnastics, tap dancing, traditional african and indian dances, hand balance, hula hoop, contotion, freestyle basketball performance etc.
Awaji Art Circus Executive Committee
Pasona Group Inc.
Nominal Support
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Japan Foundation, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourism Organization, THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN Sumoto Bureau, Kobe Shimbun, Sun TV, Radio Kansai, Kiss FM, Awaji Island Kuniumi Association, Awaji Island Tourist Association, Awaji City, Sumoto City, Minamiawaji City, Awaji City Board of Education, Sumoto City Board of Education, Minamiawaji City Board of Education (*in no particular order)

*Recognized as "This is Mecenat 2019" by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan.
*Recognized as participating project for "Power of Culture from Kansai" proposed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
*Received grant "Support of touristic places" from Hyogo Tourism Association


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