Open Call for Artists

We started to receive applications from artists to participate in Awaji Art Circus 2018. The deadline for applications is May 5 (Sun), You can find details HERE.

ART TRIP in Awaji Island!

The pleasant drive takes me to performance venues of Awaji Art Circus...

There I find a South African dancer, living mirror statues from Serbia, dish spinning performer from Ghana, an acrobat dancer from Zambia... and as I tour around different venues, I come across never-before-seen-nor-heard-of form of art as well as find myself giving a go at animation creation and African dance!

Eating way-too-yummy Awaji speacialties and watching too beautiful a scenery as I get in a hot spring which is too comfy to be a reality! This day is too good to be true!

Let's GO on an art drive called Awaji Art Circus!


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